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Being treated fairly and with respect is something that all people should be able to enjoy. Unfortunately, there are situations in which you are treated unfairly for a variety of reasons. If you do receive unfair or unjust treatment, it could be a civil rights violation. In these situations, you have the opportunity to file a lawsuit or seek reimbursement for any damages that you incurred. If you are going to pursue damages due to a civil rights violation, hiring an attorney can be a good idea.


Examples of Civil Rights Violations

There are various civil rights laws and best practices that intend to protect people all over the country. Today, there are some common situations in particular that can result in a violation of your civil rights.

  • Losing a Job or Opportunity Due to Discrimination

One civil rights violation that can occur is if you lose a job due to discrimination. All people should be awarded professional opportunities based on their skills and experience. If you are passed over for a job, or lose your position entirely, due to your race, gender, age, religion, or national origin it will be a direct violation of your civil rights.

  • Cruel or Unusual Punishment

If you do something wrong, there are bound to be repercussions for your actions. However, there are general standards that should be followed when levying any type of punishment. If the punishment you receive goes beyond the normal standard, or you experience significant mental or physical pain or anguish, it can be an example of cruel and unusual punishment. This is a direct violation of your civil rights.

  • Abuse of Power

Another common civil rights violation is an abuse of power. In the majority of these situations, the abuse of power is levied by a law enforcement professional. All police officers, detectives, and other law enforcement professionals have strict laws and regulations that need to be followed to ensure that your rights are protected. Some examples of abuse of power can include if they complete a search and seizure without a warrant, use unnecessary physical violence, or complete other acts that are unfair or illegal.


How Can a Civil Rights Attorney Help?

If you are in New Jersey and have your basic rights violated, you can consider filing a lawsuit against the abusing party. During a civil rights lawsuit, you can be awarded direct damages for your losses as well as compensation for pain and suffering and punitive damages. If you are going to pursue legal remedies against the other party, it would be helpful to hire your own attorney. Your legal representation can provide a variety of services to ensure your rights are properly represented.

  • Assessment of Case and Consultation

A civil rights case can be quite complicated. If you feel that your rights have been violated, your attorney will offer a full consultation on your case. This part of the process will include reviewing your claim, any evidence that you have gathered, and any reports published by an employer, law enforcement agency, or other entity. The attorney will also help review organizational charts and other information to determine who to name in your civil rights claim. Based on this assessment your attorney will be able to give guidance on how to better move forward. You can then develop a plan and strategy for further pursuing your case.

  • Support in Filing Claim

If you decide to move forward with your lawsuit, you can also receive support when it comes to filing the actual claim. It is always important that you have any paperwork completed correctly and submitted on time. Your attorney will be able to help with this to ensure that the proper entity receives the notification and that the case is not delayed or thrown out due to a processing technicality.

  • Negotiations with Other Parties

If you have filed any type of notification of intent to file a lawsuit, it will be very likely that the case will be handled outside the courtroom. However, there can be lengthy settlement discussions and legal processes that will take place along the way. Your attorney will handle all of this for you. This can include discussing the case and negotiating a fair settlement with the other party, their legal team, and any insurance companies involved. If the case does move forward to a more formal court case, your attorney can help with this part of the process as well including building and presenting your case.


New Jersey Civil Rights Lawyer

Ultimately, protecting your civil rights is very important. if yours have been violated, pursuing legal action can be a good decision. If you want to file a lawsuit to seek damages, having an attorney by your side will be very helpful. Your legal team can offer several services that will ensure your rights are represented.



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