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Being injured or suffering a serious illness that prevents you from being able to work can be a challenging experience. Not only will you have to deal with your recovery and long-term impact on your personal and professional life, but it can also create a significant strain on your personal finances. Fortunately, there is a Social Security Disability program that is intended to provide financial support for those that are going through these struggles. However, it is common for disability claims to be denied. If they are denied, having a disability denial lawyer by your side can be very helpful.

Reasons Why Disability Claim May be Denied

The Social Security Disability program intends to provide financial assistance to those that are unable to work and earn a reasonable income due to physical or mental disabilities. However, it continues to be very common that a claim under this program will be denied. Some of the most common reasons why a claim is denied include the following:

  • The forms were not filled out correctly
  • You earned too much money to qualify
  • You lack the necessary medical evidence
  • You did not cooperate property with the Social Security Administration
  • You did not receive the necessary medical treatment

These continue to be challenges for people that are seeking support under the Social Security Disability program. If you have had a claim denied in the past, it does not mean that your claim will be denied again in the future. If your claim is denied, the first thing that you should do is hire a disability denial lawyer.

Reasons to Hire a Disability Attorney

If you have had a disability claim denied, or you are going to file a claim for the first time, it would be helpful for you to have legal support by your side. A disability lawyer in New Jersey and other parts of the country can offer a range of services to help improve your chances of receiving fair support going forward.

  • Consultation and Evaluate Why Claim Was Denied

When you start working with a lawyer for your disability claim, the first thing that they will do is provide you with a consultation and evaluation. If you are filing a claim for the first time, they will help you assess your situation and give the guidance you need to determine if you will qualify for the claim. If your claim has already been denied, they will evaluate your situation and prior submitted paperwork to determine what led to the claim denial. This can then help them create a new plan for submitting a new claim that will have a higher chance of being approved.

  • Submit New Disability Claim

Once you have had your consultation from the attorney, you can next receive the support that you need to submit a new disability claim. One of the main reasons why your claim will be denied is because you have not submitted the proper paperwork or received the medical care and evaluation that was needed to qualify. The first step in this process will be to receive a full medical evaluation to get a recommendation from your doctor.

Once you have received the necessary paperwork from your physician, the lawyer will help you submit a formal claim. The attorney will be experienced with the paperwork and will complete everything necessary. This can help to expedite the process for you and will help ensure that your claim is not denied or delayed due to a technicality.

  • Appeal Denial

Unfortunately, there are situations in which your disability claim will be denied even if you have the support of your attorney. However, this does not need to be the end of your application process. Your attorney will be able to help with the full appeal process as well. This will typically include carefully evaluating the paperwork received from the Social Security Administration to get a firm understanding of the denial. Your attorney can then help you form a full appeal while also gathering the necessary information highlighted by the Social Security Administration.

  • Pursue Further Legal Remedies

There are also situations in which your disability claim will be denied during an appeals process. If this is the case, your attorney can help with further legal remedies. This can include filing a civil lawsuit against the organization to receive the compensation that you are entitled to. If this cannot be managed directly with the SSA, it may need to go in front of a judge. Your attorney will help you prepare for the trial nd will build and present your case.

Disability income continues to be an important form of financial support for those struggling with injuries and illness. If your claim is defined by the Social Security Administration, having legal support by your side will be very helpful. Your attorney can help in several ways.



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