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Municipal Court Lawyer

Being charged with any type of crime in the state of New Jersey should be taken seriously. Depending on the type of crime you are charged with, your case could go to a local municipal court. Overall, there are more than 500 of these courts located throughout the country.

While most would assume that municipal court violations are minor misdemeanors, this level of court can actually handle some more serious charges as well. If you are charged with any type of crime that will go to one of these courts, you need to ensure that you understand the potential repercussions and have a defense attorney by your side.

Cheery Hill Municipal Court Cases

Depending on the type of crime that you are charged with, your case could end up going to a local municipal court. If you are sent to one of these courts, it is important that you understand the charges that you are facing.

Some of the most common cases that will go through the municipal courts in New Jersey are as follows:

  • Parking and speeding tickets
  • Minor drug offenses
  • More serious traffic violations and DUI
  • Shoplifting
  • Resisting arrest

Depending on your situation, you could face some serious penalties if you are found guilty of these charges. This can include facing loss of certain privileges, having to pay fines and other restitution, or even facing jail time.

Due to this, having an attorney by your side to have an adequate defense is always a good idea.

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Reasons to Hire a Defense Attorney for Your Case

If you are charged with a crime that would go to municipal court, you will always have the opportunity to represent yourself, use a public defender, or hire an attorney. Due to the seriousness of this situation, hiring your own trusted counsel is always a good idea. There are several reasons why you should hire one of these attorneys.

  • Receive Consultation and Advice on How to Move Forward

If you are charged with any type of crime, understanding what you are facing is very important. Your attorney can provide you with a full consultation as part of their legal support. This will include providing insight into what your charges mean, what the penalties could be, and what the best strategy will be for moving forward. You can then work with the attorney to develop a plan and strategy.

  • Benefit from Experience and Local Relationships

Another advantage of hiring a local attorney for your defense in New Jersey is that you can benefit from their experience and local relationships. Your attorney will have experience working on a range of minor criminal charges, such as those that you are dealing with. They also will have relationships with local prosecutors and law enforcement personnel. This can help ensure that your case is expedited and that you are able to connect with the right people to help negotiate your case.

  • Support in Negotiations and Plea Bargaining

The majority of minor charges will not end up going through a full criminal trial in a municipal court. Instead, they will be negotiated, and you will typically be able to plead to a lower charge and offense. This can often result in receiving a much lower charge, which typically will not be retained on your permanent record. Your attorney can provide the support you need to properly negotiate these charges. This can help result in a more favorable outcome than you might otherwise receive.

  • Full Defense Services in Court

Whenever you are charged with a crime that would go to one of the municipal courts in New Jersey, it is almost always better that you avoid going to a full trial. However, there are situations in which you are not able to have the charges dropped or negotiated. In these cases, going to a trial could be the best option. If you decide that moving forward with a full trial is your best option, having legal support by your side is very important.

Your defense attorney will be able to help you prepare and defend your case in court. This can include handling all deliberations and discussions that take place. Ultimately, their support can help to present your case in the best light possible and will increase your chances of receiving a favorable judgment.

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If you are charged with a seemingly minor charge, it is important that you do take it seriously. Cases that go to a local municipal court can come with some serious penalties that can have an impact on your personal and professional life.

Due to this, it is important that you hire an experienced defense attorney by your side. Your attorney can offer a range of services that will help ensure your rights are represented and you receive the best outcome possible.



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