What do I do after a car accident in New Jersey

For people all over the state of New Jersey, driving a vehicle on a daily basis is a practical necessity. While driving a car is generally a safe activity, accidents and collisions do happen from time to time. If you are involved in any type of accident, it is very important that you handle the process the right way. There are several tips and steps that you should follow after a car accident.

Ensure Everyone is Safe

Following any type of vehicle collision, the first thing that you should do is make sure that everyone is safe. If both vehicles are capable of being moved, you should pull off the road and into a safe area. You should also check to ensure that all people involved in the collision are OK and do not need medical attention. If they do need medical care, you should call for an ambulance immediately to ensure everyone receives the care that they need. Even if you feel fine initially, you should pay attention to any medical symptoms moving forward. If you start to feel ill or pain, you should see a medical professional as soon as you can.

Exchange Information and Gather Documentation

Once you have ensured that everyone is OK, you should also meet with the other driver in the accident and exchange information with them. This includes taking a photo of their driver’s license and insurance card and getting their contact information. You should also spend a few minutes documenting the accident. This can include taking photos of both vehicles, the scene where it took place, and getting any witness statements that may exist.

Contact the Police

Following an accident, it would also be a good idea to contact the police. Even if the fault in the accident seems obvious and the other party appears cooperative, you should stall call the police to have a formal police report filled out. Your police report will document the case and can be helpful when dealing with insurance or if one party is not cooperative moving forward.

Contact Insurance Company

All people in the state of New Jersey should have auto insurance. Due to this, damages to your vehicle should be covered by either your insurance or the other party’s, depending on who was at fault. You should always call your insurance company soon following an accident. The insurance company will take all the information you have about the accident and can then handle the discussions with the insurance provider for the other driver. This can help reduce your stress and ensure you receive the support you need to cover any damages.

Bring Your Vehicle in for Service

Many accidents will seem minor and could appear that there is no damage. However, no matter how large or small your accident is, you should bring your car in for service. There could be underlying mechanical problems with your car that are not yet apparent. Having your vehicle fully checked will help to identify any exterior or mechanical damages that should be covered by insurance.

Contact Attorney for Legal Support

If you are involved in an auto accident, it is always helpful to have an attorney by your side. Your legal counsel can provide a variety of services to ensure you and your rights are properly represented. This will include a full consultation on your case and support when it comes to negotiating with the other parties involved and your insurance company. If you have gotten into a car accident in New Jersey, you should call the offices of Michael J. Fioretti, Esq. The team here is experienced with auto accidents in the area and can ensure you receive the support you deserve.



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